game killer faq
Game Killer FAQ

1. Can I use game killer on any game?

Game killer can work on offline games. But it won’t work well with online games as they are hard to hack. In order to cheat in a game you need patience and the skill. If you have it, you can use this on any offline game you like.

2. I am getting “Installation blocked” message or a similar one all the time

Go to the security settings of your device and change the unknown sources option enable.

3. Even though I tried hard, I can’t download game killer apk

There can be many reasons for that. Most probable one is, the browser you are using may not support the ap. So change the browser and try downloading it.

4. Is there a way I can use game killer without rooting the device

No. there is no other pathway. Rooting is the main requirement for this apk and you can easily root your device with kingroot or framaroot like application.

5. Will they ban my account for using this application?

No. they won’t to that as game killer has a special, mechanism called “Anti-detect” and that prevent others from getting your information.